Ela - Your Healthy Food Delivery Expert

UX Designer, PM
6 months
FoodTech, Wellness
Client Background

Our client, a visionary startup in the food technology sector, recognised the need for a smarter and more personalised solution to encourage healthier eating habits as well as to provide food delivery services at a time.

Their goal was to provide individuals with a user-friendly app that would make it easy to make nutritious food choices

Design Challenge

The design challenge was multifaceted. Ela needed to:

  • Create an engaging user experience that encourages users to prioritize healthy eating.
  • Develop a recommendation algorithm that considers individual calorie budgets, dietary preferences, and nutritional goals.

  • Ensure the app's design is intuitive and visually appealing to a diverse user base.
  • Implement robust backend systems for secure ordering and efficient delivery logistics.

Design Process:

Research and User Analysis:

We conducted extensive market research to understand the online auction landscape, identify user preferences, and analyze competitor platforms. We also created user personas to better target our design decisions.

Project roadmap & Jobs to Be Done based on in-depth interviews report

Conceptualization and Ideation:

Based on our research findings, we brainstormed ideas for the app's features and functionality. We developed user personas and mapped out user journeys to ensure the app would meet the diverse needs of our target audience.

Prototyping and Testing:

We created wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize the app's user interface and user flow. These prototypes were tested with real users, and their feedback was used to refine the design.


Making an order

With the Smart Search feature, customers effortlessly identify the items they need, reducing search times and enhancing the overall ordering experience, making it a pivotal aspect of our success story.

Making an order

Checkout & Payment

In our study of creating a seamless ordering process, we emphasize the pivotal role of the "Seamless Checkout" feature. This functionality ensures a frictionless and secure payment experience for customers. With one-click payment options, stored billing information, and a clear breakdown of costs, customers navigate through the checkout process with confidence.

Checkout & Payment

Personalisations and gamification

Through advanced algorithms and user behavior analysis, our platform offers personalized recommendations, simplifying choices by aligning menu items and portion sizes with users' goals, promoting healthier decision-making, and boosting satisfaction.

Furthermore, by incorporating gamification elements like milestones, progress tracking, and rewards, our ordering process becomes an engaging and motivating journey, encouraging users to achieve their objectives while enjoying the experience.

App icon & system notification

Design system:

The design system in our project prioritises consistency, accessibility, and modularity. User-centered design principles and brand identity are at its core, incorporating feedback and maintaining a cohesive brand presence. The system is documented comprehensively and scalable for future growth, with a version control system to manage updates and changes.

Design system


Ela has since become a go-to app for health-conscious individuals seeking personalized and convenient healthy meal options within their calorie budgets. It has not only helped our client achieve their business goals but has also made a positive impact on users' lives by promoting healthier eating habits.