Transforming Cosmetology Services through E-Commerce Design

UX Designer, PM
6 months
Client Background

Our client, a well-established cosmetology service provider, approached us with a unique challenge - to broaden their services and reach a wider audience through an innovative e-commerce platform. The client's core business included traditional salon services, but they aimed to tap into the growing trend of online shopping for cosmetics and beauty products.

Design Challenge

The primary challenge was to seamlessly integrate the client's existing brick-and-mortar services with a user-friendly e-commerce platform. The goal was to create an engaging online shopping experience that reflected the client's brand identity while also offering personalized beauty recommendations and expert advice to customers.

Design Process:

 We worked closely with the client to maintain brand consistency while adapting their visual identity to the digital realm. The design incorporated the client's signature color palette, typography, and imagery, creating a harmonious and recognisable online presence.


Personalisation and Recommendations

To emulate the personalized guidance customers receive in the physical salon, we implemented an AI-driven recommendation system. By analyzing customer preferences, skin types, and previous purchases, the platform suggested tailored products and routines, enhancing the shopping experience.

Seamless Bidding

Mobile Adaptation

Recognizing the importance of mobile shopping, we ensured the e-commerce platform was fully responsive across various devices. The design optimized the user experience for smartphones and tablets, capturing a wider range of potential customers.

Mobile adaptation


The collaboration resulted in a highly successful e-commerce platform that effectively broadened the client's cosmetology services. The newly designed platform garnered significant attention, leading to increased online sales and a surge in customer engagement.